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Become our Franchise and Earn more than Lakhs per month.

We are A to Z Helpline Services LLP here we provide complete business solution. We provide registration services like Private Limited, Proprietorship, Partnership company registration, ISO Certification, Trademark, CE, GMP and more. We are offering Franchise all over India. Please read our company profile and reply.

We are an ISO Quality Certification provider also having a separate sister concern company in the name of ICV CERTIFICATION SERVICES partner company BMG Quality Management System & DUV India Pvt Ltd approved by Australian Board (JAS-ANZ).

1.ISO Certification Sales Process (Outbound Calling Voice Sales Process) (Its a 10 to 50 Lakh Business Project Per Month) Here callers willl call Companies and ask them to get ISO Certified by us and sell them ISO Certificates income ?

Depends upon the number of caller you have for example you have 10 callers each caller will call 50 customers every day out of which 1 interested customer you will get. So in 30 days you will get 30 interested customers out of which you will close 20% that means 6 customers will take also certification from each caller than 10 callers x 6 customers = 60 ISO Certification sales per months with an average profit of Rs. 5000 from each ISO certification you will earn 60 customers x Rs. 5000 per ISO Profit = Rs. 3 lakh profit & We will train you on how to get 20 to 30 interested customer leads on daily basis from online and other resources.

We only require your office space and 2 staffs with telephone and computer with internet you can earn upto Rs. 1 lakh per month by taking the franchisee of We have more than 13 branches all over India and very soon its coming in your area.

Our Business Uniqueness

1. Inorder to start any Business one has to register a company which we do, Then Website is required which we provide, Then Company Logo or Product Logo is required to be Trademark inorder to avoid misuse & copy by other compititors, Then Product Quality like ISI, ISO, CE, GMP, Then Sale tax if doing product business, Service tax if it is a Service Provider Company, then Dealer, Distributor, Franchise appointment, Manpower Supply, Bulk sms Advertising and Promotion. So our Uniqueness is 1 Stop Business Solution.

Below are our group companies websites. click to view :

1. www.atozhelpline.com
2. http://www.bmgqms.com.com

We have three types of Franchise Model :

1. District Franchise
2. State Franchise
3. Country Franchise

This will be a Lifetime Franchise for which you have to pay us a 1 time Franchise Fees. The fees are mentioned below :

1. District Franchise- Rs. 50,000
2. State Franchise- Rs. 1,50,000
3. Country Franchise- Rs. 6,00,000

District Franchise Benefits

  • 60% Profit Share on the total business profit generated from their branch.

State Franchise Benefits

  • Profit Margin of 75% from your own direct business.
  • You can appoint unlimited District Franchise branches under you all over the state in each and every district and you will get 15% profit share from their regular business.
  • You will get 50% share on the franchise fees which will be collected from the district franchise while appointment. You will get Rs. 25,000 on each and every District Franchise appointment within your state who will work under you. They will pay Rs. 50000 towards the franchise fees out of which you will get Rs. 25,000

Country Franchise Benefits

  • Profit Margin of 90% from your own direct business.
  • You can appoint unlimited Master Franchisee & District Franchisee branches under you all over India and you will get 15% profit share from their regular business.
  • You will get 50% share on the Franchise fees which will be collected from the State Franchise and District Franchise that is Rs. 75,000 incase of State Franchise & Rs. 25,000 incase of District Franchise.

Common benefits for all Franchise Structures are mentioned below :

  • Franchise can work and do business all over India. As most of our work like Trademark, ISO can be applied online. so sitting in one state you can work in other states also.
  • Franchise can also appoint unlimited commission agents and business associates all over India just like CA, Webdesigning companies who refer us clients and we share some commissions with them.
  • Our Franchisees will be able to market our upcoming projects and services also.

Training and Support From the Head office are mentioned below :

  • Product Training before and after taking the Franchise whenever required.
  • Marketing and Sales Training before and after taking the Franchise whenever required.
  • Lead Follow up support (Means if you are unable to explain the client Head office will follow up your client to close it.
  • Collection Leads (Means if we get any leads from your area and we send you for the documentation collection then we will share 25% of the profit generated from that client.
  • Franchise appointing support by the Head office (Means if you are a State Franchise then Head office will also help you in appointing Franchise in your downline within your state.

Please go through all the attached documents for taking our Franchise in your locality.

We have attached Franchise Agreement, Documents Required to take our Franchise, Application Form, Earning Potential and more.

Please take the print out of the application form, fill it with your own handwriting and send us back through scan or hard copy along with that also send your ID Proof, Address Proof and 1 Passport Photograph. After we receive your documents we will generate the agreement in a word file and send you in your mail id.

After that you can visit personally and pay the Franchise fees in our Head office or Branch office or you can also drop the Cheque or Demand Draft or Online payment on our Current Account. After we receive the payment you will have to visit our Head Office for the Agreement Sign up & Training for 2 to 3 days or in case you are unable to come for the Training we will come to your place for the Training for which you have to pay Rs. 10,000 extra.

After the Agreement you will receive the legal documents from our site like Franchise Certificate, Agreement Copy, Letter Pad, Visiting Card, Money Receipt, Banner.

Thank you for showing interest in becoming our Franchise.

We have more than 13 branches all over India and very soon its coming in your area.

We offer 3 types of franchise:

Franchise Type Franchise Fees Franchise Profit Margin you will get Benefits you will get from us
Master or State Franchise (life time without Royalty) Rs. 8 lakh 100% Exclusive Franchise with 100% profit with you & you can appoint unlimited franchise under you and keep the franchise amount also with you which you will collect from them.
Master or State Franchise (life time with Royalty) Rs. 150000 75% Non Exclusive Franchise. You will get 75% profit share & you can appoint unlimited franchise under you and will get 50% franchise fees from 50000 which will be collected upon appointment of franchise under you
Franchise Rs. 50000 50% Not Exclusive and you can appoint unlimited agents under you all over India.

Benefits and Support you will get from A to Z helpline are :

  • We will provide you practical training on how to sell our product and services
  • We will train you on how to get 20 to 30 customers dailyand 1000 customers monthly with their name, phone number, emaill id and requirement

Profit which you can make by taking A to Z helpline franchise :

  • If you just convert and sell it to 10% customers out of 1000 customers which we will provide you every month it will be 100 customers
  • If you make an average profit of Rs. 5000 from each customer , then from 100 customers you are making a monthly profit of Rs. 5 lakh

  • AtoZ helpline Services offers unparalleled corporate services across a comprehensive range of practice areas that are critical to the business needs of our Clients. We pride ourselves in providing efficient, commercially sound and result-oriented solutions to Clients. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our Clients..
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